About Us

Established in 1989 KOMA MODELS is the Caribbean's leading model agency. KOMA Models is based on the beautiful island of Aruba. Founder, Ronchi De Cuba, is the President of KOMA MODELS. 

KOMA MODELS represents the top male and female models of the Caribbean.  Discovering, developing, and launching international models like Adrian Cardoso and Charlene Leslie.  The versatility of the Aruban look is obviously one of the most interesting aspects of the agency's male and female boards. 

In the year 2000, KOMA MODELS added plus & curvy additions to the model boards.  Now the agency is the leading entity for plus models in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Producer of the island's leading fashion and television events, KOMA MODELS has an impressive portfolio of production capabilities for events, tv shows, and location scouting.  The agency offers casting, location scouting and production services to international clients when photo shoots or events are planned in Aruba.